Leads, being the blood of any sales organization's body, are the most valuable entity your company can procure.

Piano Lead Flow™ provides a steady stream of prospects who have expressed an interest in pianos.


Over 60% of U.S. retail sales will involve the web by 2017

source Forrester Research Inc

Piano Lead Flow™ is a digital marketing strategy developed to target the potential piano buyer, engage them and collect their contact information for your follow up.

Our digital marketing strategy combs the internet and social media networks for qualified prospects that have interest in purchasing a piano.

We email your sales team qualified leads on a daily basis.

We generate an average of 2 qualified leads per location per day.

Prospects INTL


Digital Advertising Power Play

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Organic SEO
  • Email Marketing


    What makes our proven digital advertising approach more effective?


    • Utilizing three decades of experience in the piano industry we have digitally revolutionized the way a piano buyer is identified.
    • Our content: we speak the potential piano buyer's language. We know what to say, how to say it and most importantly, how to get them engaged.
    • Our targeting: we sue targeting metrics like location, income, age, education, psychographics and past purchasing history.
    • Our research: when a new method or technology surfaces in the world of digital marketing, we are quick to qualify and implement the new technology into our digital marketing portfolio therefore passing the latest and greatest of digital strategies on to you.
      The Prospects International team provides lead generation opportunities utilizing the most cutting edge digital and social media methods and techniques.