Don’t think that the large ticket sales aren’t mixed in with the rest of the LeadFlow “used method” leads.
We are happy to report a recent Bosendorfer concert grand piano sale!

Benjamin Kim
Kim’s Piano Company, Los Angeles, CA

The Prospects Program so far has been a success!  We have had 20 leads and two grand piano sales since we went live last Friday.

Michael Hannah
Maus Piano & Organ Company

The first time around using LeadFlow we were unprepared and frankly a bit overwhelmed. This second time around is so different. We are so excited. Our sales staff is doing a great job of following up and turning the leads into sales. Everyone, even people who can’t use you because of exclusivity, were saying good things about you at NAMM.

Thomas Solich
Solich Piano and Music Company

I just have to let you know we had a record volume of foot traffic this past Saturday at our store. We had several of our leads come in and it was amazing to be so busy! Keep up the good work.

Brigitte Hulbert
Hulbert Piano, LLC

Fresno Piano Gallery is very pleased with our first six months of working with your company. Our monthly investment has resulted in increased profitability for my company and it gets better every quarter! Looking forward to a continued relationship with you and your team.

Jim Fishback
Fresno Piano Gallery Inc.

Thank you for the information in today’s meeting. We are constantly learning our trade.

Jack said something that we do, but maybe not as often as we should, this is to research a current prospect that is shopping for a piano.

Anyway, I want to share this with you because it blew me away: when I researched a lead that came to me today. Guess what? The lead is one of the top MD’s in Mt Pleasant, SC and her husband may be a physician as well. Mt Pleasant is an affluent part of Charleston near the beaches.

And, guess what? – they are looking for a “used” “baby” grand!
Great program and great sales training.

Neil Sutphin
Sales Manager
Fox Music House, Inc.

May, June and July can be slow floor traffic months. I wouldn’t want to do this (piano sales) without this program. 90% of my income comes from it. These leads are our life’s blood.

Lee Crouse
Sales Manager
Kansas City Piano

After only weeks on the program a new digital partner confirms that institutional prospects are found with LeadFlow:

Hi guys,

I just wanted you to know that one of my leads resulted in the sale of a new Yamaha GB1K grand and a U1 upright to a school.

Jim Fishback, President/CEO
Fresno Piano Gallery Inc, Fresno CA

It was terrific working with both of you!! You certainly know how to generate leads. Too bad we didn’t meet years ago! You could have made my job much easier. 😊 All the best to you both!

Kathi Kretzer – Owner
Kretzer Piano Company, Jupiter FL

Steinway Hall London first used Jack and Joey at Prospects International for a lead generation campaign in 2016 and never looked back. They immediately became a trusted resource for internet leads and revenue.

Craig Terry – Managing Director
Steinway & Sons, UK

Out of the 68 leads, 9 Appointment Requests, we sold 15 pianos total including Grands, Uprights, & a Digital which I am sure you are aware was more than half of the inventory list submitted to you for the sale. Now a special THANK YOU!!! Thank you to your company, to you and Jack for the amazing JOB WELL DONE!!

Joey, we would like to thank you for staying on top of the leads even when we presented you with complications, you immediately got on top of it and ensured the issue was fixed. Thank you for the resources and continuing to follow-up with us throughout the sale.

Again, THANK YOU PROSPECTS INTL – We look forward to our continued business!!!

Donna O Tillis – Office Manager
Jim Sims – Dealer/Principal
Jims Pianos Service, LLC

Yes, we are quite pleased with everything. That is why I recommended you to my colleagues for upcoming sales. We sold 20 of your leads, and the over all sale has been better than we expected. Thanks for a good job!

Lynn Hannah
Hannah Piano
Columbia, SC


The lead generator works.​ ​It’s a simple turn-key solution to get leads. You give them who you want to market to and they give you a plan that works and a price that is reasonable. Then you let them do their thing and your salesmen get leads to work. Simple.​EventFlow delivered 207 inventory and 61 appointment requests the first time we used it. It was a symphony event and needless to say a success. We intend to use it anytime we decide to invest in a major event.

Brandon Herrenbruck
Sr Management
Steinway Nashville
Nashville, TN


We just finished our weekend remote event with greater success this year than previous years. I changed my strategy and used Eventflow and their digital media lead generation system, the number of qualified leads and appointments were greater than the previous years. These results provided us with a wide range of good prospects, Thanks Joey and Jack

Douglas C. Thiel
Sales Manager
Steinway Piano Gallery Miami
Miami, FL


If you are considering investing in a weekend sales event you should strongly consider EventFlow. This program uncovered piano interest we would have never been able to get to, and created appointments we never would have been able to schedule.

Rick Cochran
Fort Bend Music Center
Houston, TX


We have now experienced EventFlow in support of several sales promotions, it always has given us a real marketing boost & provides multiple appointment setting opportunities. We expect the same positive result for our upcoming Sydney Symphony Sale.

Ara Vartoukian
Theme and Variations
Brisbane AU


More leads coming in than I thought we’d get. The morale of our staff has improved, just knowing that people are out there shopping is encouraging to them. We get so many calls from people asking if we want to buy their piano, it’s nice to see more inquiries on buying them.

Peter Sides
Robert M. Sides Family Music Centers
Williamsport, PA


We’ve been using Prospects International marketing services on a consistent basis for the past 5 months. While the results were slow to start our lead activity has picked up immensely in the past few months which has resulted in several new sales. Almost every lead generated via their system is a brand new customer for our company. I would recommend anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of advertising/marketing for the piano retail business to consider Prospects International.For the past several events we have used EventFlow as a digital marketing component. We switch from LeadFlow to EventFlow now every time we do a special promotion to capture appointment requests with the urgency of the sale theme.

Mitchell L Paola
Portland Piano Company
Portland, OR


The prospects international lead generation approach is exactly what our industry needs. They have developed a track record of positive results that gives me confidence of not only staying ahead but getting sustainable results in the new economy.

Tony Thomas
Thomas Event Solutions
Nashville, TN


We recently began using Prospects International as a lead generation source and are thrilled to see how much piano interest they have been able to deliver to us. I told my DSM all of his dealers should know about the LeadFlow program!

Mike Roth
Shirk’s Piano and Organ Co
Mishawaka, IN


I wanted to touch bases to let you know how pleased we are with the steady flow of prospects from your lead generation system. Capturing information from the folks looking for pianos gives us the opportunity to make friends with them and guide them through the buying process.

Steve Garrett
Case Brothers
Spartanburg SC

We began incorporating EventFlow into our event ad mix in 2016 and was impressed enough
to begin LeadFlow this year. We have found Jack and Joey to be a great lead generation resource
dedicated to good service. We look forward to more success and innovations moving forward. 

Frank Harvey
Piano Distributors
Clearwater FL

Thanks so much for introducing us to this prospect system! It’s incredible
and will translate into many sales. I appreciate it!

Jeff Twiggs
Sales Associate
Piano Distributors
Alpharetta, GA

We have used LeadFlow since September of 2015. There was a learning curve in the beginning but I am happy to report that the program has improved and so has our follow up. We are expanding it and it has become a vital part of the way we find new business. LeadFlow works!

Barb Wanless
Steinway Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI