Meet the team

Joey Bouza – CTO & Lead Generation Specialist

Joey studied computer programming, digital marketing, music and design. Previous to graduation Joey had already begun his foray into the business world and procured his first clients as a web developer and digital media consultant. He’s served clients in the construction, real estate, automotive, restaurant, fashion and retail piano industries, just to name a few.

Joey learned the nuances and needs of the retail piano business during his tenure as a digital consultant to a prominent Nashville piano gallery. He’s experienced actual “floor time” and selling. He understands not only the need for lead generation, but the end game in a retail setting. Joey met Jack Klinefelter in Nashville and their marketing minds began collaborating which eventually resulted in the formation of PI.

The intangibles Joey brings to the table are his digital development skill set, creativity, sales instincts and innovation. Joey has established a reputation of bringing modern digital marketing concepts to old school business minds in a pragmatic fashion. He is the team’s technical guru with an uncanny proclivity for delivering impressive digital lead generation strategies that produce conversion minded results.

Jack W. Klinefelter Jr. – CEO & Sr. Marketing Consultant

Jack is a thirty year marketing and sales veteran with an insatiable appetite for contributing to the sales success of others. After leaving Cox communications in the late eighties Jack has serviced clients such as: Goodyear, Allstate, Verizon Wireless, Steinway & Sons, and numerous independent businesses. His knack for creating targeted strategies has endeared him to clients who he has been privileged to service in many instances for over two decades.

Jack is committed to installing age old sales fundamentals into cutting edge applications and providing (with the help of the PI team) the best of both worlds. Technologically advanced methods which facilitate good old fashioned “one on one” selling opportunities for sales professionals is the desired result. His success as a sales person and manager brings the real world perspective needed to create conversion strategies. “Analytics are great as long as they aren’t eye candy. The bottom line is targeted lead generation which culminates in actual encounters. That is our report card.”

Jack is dedicated to offering his experience to help business persons navigate the ever-changing marketplace and deliver programs which aid their opportunities to grow. “If you’re standing still, you’re backing up!” he states. Digital marketing is the most exciting new method for businesses to use and engage their potential buyers through. Jack is proud to assist in bringing to market cost effective programs that independents can use to reach their best prospects.

Tammy Rugg-Klinefelter – CFO

Tammy is a successful long time business owner with a corporate background. After years of working claims and writing operations manuals for insurance giant CNA, she ventured out with husband-partner Jack into the waters of business ownership. Her common sense experience in that corporate setting provided organizational skills invaluable to the formation of the piano industries leading marketing firm: Direct Success Enterprises.

Tammy provides the grounding necessary to insure that the programs created for Prospects International are based in solid logistical thinking. Her contributions to the team are primarily from a bird’s eye view with a focus on making sure the ship is sailing in the right direction according to the winds of supply and demand and that the presentations are easy to understand and translate into true potential profit for the client base.

Her background as the keeper of finances (CFO) for Direct Success since its inception provides good leadership and advise where PI expansion investments and new programs are concerned. She is the “in house” litmus test for new ideas and their potential from a practical view point and glad to be the main team consultant for new ventures. “I never really know what these guys are going to come up with next! I just try to insure that they have a real track for their trains to run on.”

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