Jack Klinefelter

Jack is a thirty year marketing and sales veteran with an insatiable appetite for contributing to the sales success of others. After leaving Cox communications in the late eighties Jack has serviced clients such as: Goodyear, Allstate, Verizon Wireless, Steinway & Sons, and numerous independent businesses. His knack for creating targeted strategies has endeared him to clients who he has been privileged to service in many instances for over two decades.

5 Steps to Sales Success

How chronological order can be profitable… In years past, “out bound” prospecting direct sales skill sets were not a necessity in the piano industry. Traffic was sufficient, representatives gave great demos, folks had discretionary income to spend and life was good. Today, after the“Amazon-ing” of America, the world is a much different place and the …

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The “How Much” Question

-and Its Proper Answer Overcoming the “I need the price now” syndrome. In some industries, it is common place to publish the cost of a good or service. In the piano industry, if you start addressing the specific cost of an instrument before you establish value and before you have the potential buyer experience an …

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LeadFlow Appointment Setting

It is important to apply many of the Event Flow techniques to your day to day selling. We learned from weekend events a long , long time ago that appointments afford us the highest possible closing ratio. The same is true for day to day selling as well. Appointments should be the goal whether you …

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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

The Argument for “Leads” over Branding Since 2007 piano dealers have been struggling with what their advertising mix should be. What to buy became more difficult when the dollars became fewer and further between. It is hard in this economic “new normal” to justify ad dollars in general, especially if you aren’t getting track-able results …

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EventFlow Appointment Setting Method

Appointments, as we all know, provide historically higher closing ratios than walk in traffic. Let’s take a step by step look at what we suggest will give you a higher attendance rate and lower rate of no shows: the EventFlow Appointment Setting Method, based upon positive “real life” results from major college sales, symphony sales, …

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