Case Study Series – Episode 1 Portland Piano Company

Mitch was our first EventFlow client after forming Prospects International. He literally was our first invoice, #001. It is totally fitting to use Mitch and his company as our first case study. I served him for years when he was a regional manager for the world’s largest piano retailer Sherman Clay, and knew he was poised for success when he began his own company in 2013.

Mitch’s first experience was an EventFlow program, first in Portland, then in Eugene, in support of a “Warehouse Inventory Clearance Sale” theme. He and his staff (Brenda and Tom) responded well to the influx of leads and converted enough of them into sales to become optimistic about the future of this new lead generation technique. In September of 2015 Mitch’s companies entered their Leadflow (for day to day leads) experience which continues to this day.

In the beginning the conversion rates were below 5% – in the 3% range. This was enough to fuel optimism but not an acceptable level of performance to sustain the initiative, so both parties, his company and ours knew we need to improve. Thankfully, we both did. His sales staff experimented with new and creative ways to engage online prospects and we refined our targeting to improve the quality of leads. This combination took the conversion rate up to the 7% range and it continues to climb toward 10 as I write.

We are so thankful for those early clients whose pioneering spirit allowed us to place our company on a solid foundation. Client’s like Mitch who tend to ask those “what if” questions also provide the fuel for our innovations.

If you are ever in the Portland area stop by and meet this valuable colleague of ours and visit his new gallery (since the summer of 2017) located at 8700 NE Columbia Blvd in Portland. His staff is delightful, and we are proud to serve their lead generation needs. Onward!

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