CRM Innovation

Prospects International is proud to continue providing innovations in the services it continually provides to its client base. The screen shot provided here shows that a PI client can add a person that is not using the CRM into the cc mode and even if they use a different CRM for their day to day …

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Piano Sales Opportunity Report – August 1st – October 31st 2021

Abstract: Prospects International provides piano interest leads in over 50 markets to the nation’s top Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and independent piano dealers. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the most cost effective form of advertising. There is no mail, tv, radio, in house digital advertising or any other form of traditional advertising that …

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The Jury Is In On New Neighbors 2.0!

The addition of New Neighbors 2.0 to LeadFlow digital portfolios has proven to be a winner and an embellishment to the Prospects International clients who gave the second version of the lead generation application a chance. The numbers are convincing, and here they are: Since the new version launched eleven months ago, the initial eleven …

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Sales Support Blog Comments

Here is what some clients are saying about our sales support blogs: “I always enjoy your content, Jack. There are always helpful nuggets of information to help “sharpen the saw.” Keep ’em coming.” – Claudio “This is a great article! The pick-me-up we all need on whichever day we come across it.” -Edina “Great article! …

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