SEO – The King has been Dethroned!

Tongue-in-Cheek Warning: 4 out of 5 stars for cynicism applied. If you are a Millennial who is unfamiliar with this ancient term, “tongue-in-cheek”, please Google it. (Googling is now a verb) When my young partner Joey Bouza was in college studying digital marketing, it was all about “pay-per-click”. Google was the main topic, and if …

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LeadFlow Appointment Setting

It is important to apply many of the Event Flow techniques to your day to day selling. We learned from weekend events a long , long time ago that appointments afford us the highest possible closing ratio. The same is true for day to day selling as well. Appointments should be the goal whether you …

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The “How Much” Question

-and Its Proper Answer Overcoming the “I need the price now” syndrome. In some industries, it is common place to publish the cost of a good or service. In the piano industry, if you start addressing the specific cost of an instrument before you establish value and before you have the potential buyer experience an …

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EventFlow Appointment Setting Method

Appointments, as we all know, provide historically higher closing ratios than walk in traffic. Let’s take a step by step look at what we suggest will give you a higher attendance rate and lower rate of no shows: the EventFlow Appointment Setting Method, based upon positive “real life” results from major college sales, symphony sales, …

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