The Power of Lead Enrichment

You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover… or a Lead by its Response. Lead Enrichment is a game-changer and an eye opener. Through the PianoLeads 2.0 CRM approximately 50% of the leads populate with valuable social media information about the person who filled out the form and converted. How is Lead Enrichment a Game-changer? …

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!

The origin of the saying: (disregard the gender please and put the origin of this phrase into context) was coined during the California gold rush in the mid 1800’s and borrowed by Mark Twain in a book about the California gold fever. We unapologetically borrow it once more to make a HUGE marketing claim… “claims” …

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PianoLeads On-Boarding Webinar

Enjoy the recorded live PianoLeads 2.0 introduction webinar. Here we explain how to use the new PianoLeads 2.0 CRMM prospects management tool!

Emergency Piano Sale Appeal

from the CEO of Prospects International Dearly Beloved Piano Dealer Principals, Sales Managers and Sales Associates, I beg you to listen to this appeal if you are not 100% engaged in using the color- coding feature in PianoLeads 2.0 or a color-coding system inside your CRM of choice. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY!!!!!! Why should my …

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5 Steps to Sales Success

How chronological order can be profitable… In years past, “out bound” prospecting direct sales skill sets were not a necessity in the piano industry. Traffic was sufficient, representatives gave great demos, folks had discretionary income to spend and life was good. Today, after the“Amazon-ing” of America, the world is a much different place and the …

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