What people hear when you speak                                   

Managing Expectations  Human tendencies can become very predictable to the professional sales pro or negotiator. The dance becomes a series of “questions and answers”, the content of which can become quite familiar. Top performing sales professionals and business persons do something that the normal everyday professional either fails to do, or fails to do enough. …

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Client Protection Policy

It is the strict policy of Prospects International to protect ALL proprietary information gathered during the lead generation services rendered for all their clients. To be specific, PI personnel will not share themes, targeting, graphic presentations, dates, strategies, correspondences or any private information with any other businesses. Furthermore, PI will not perform the same LeadFlow …

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The PI Lead Funnel

Goals are “fugazi’s” unless you have a specific plan to achieve them. We all want to sell more product, that’s a given. The “wants” are never the problem, it’s the “how’s” that take the most planning, focus, and execution. When it comes to sales and digital marketing, the “Lead Funnel” is an element that can …

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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

The Argument for “Leads” over Branding Since 2007 piano dealers have been struggling with what their advertising mix should be. What to buy became more difficult when the dollars became fewer and further between. It is hard in this economic “new normal” to justify ad dollars in general, especially if you aren’t getting track-able results …

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