Leads, being the blood of any sales organization’s body, are the most valuable entity your company can procure.Piano Event Flow™ has become a fixture for many dealers when they invest in a special event. This program provides weekend sale appointment opportunities.

Piano Event Flowis a digital marketing strategy developed to target the potential piano buyer, engage them and generate appointment requests.Our digital marketing strategy combs the internet and social media networks for qualified prospects that have interest in purchasing a piano.We email your sales team qualified appointment request in support of your upcoming event.

We’ve averaged 20 appointment requests per client per event.

The Piano Event Flow™ Program uses pay per click, social media, email marketing and organic advertising to target the potential piano buyer.These advertising campaigns are tailored to target mid-range and high end piano buyers. Our proprietary recipe uses metrics such as age, income, interests, education, psychographics, purchasing activity, and location to zero in on quality prospects currently in your marketplace.

Appointment requests are augmented with proven traffic strategies to deliver the maximum amount of qualified leads.

Marketing strategies are tailored on a market by market basis…Campaigns are customized per market place nuances.All markets and clients are not created equal.

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