EventFlow and LeadFlow can Morph into Powerful Hybrid!

As innovators, passionately concerned about the money our clients spend, we are continually working to meet their needs in the most cost-effective manner. Many of our clients run promotions and often because of cost considerations will have us suspend a well running LeadFlow program and channel all their dollars to support a limited time promotion which may or may not yield the same volume of leads the ongoing LeadFlow program is providing. If they invest a setup fee and throw more ad dollars at the new promotion the sad fact is that most often the new campaign significantly underperforms LeadFlow. The power of the “used” word on the internet is hard to replace. It is easy to spend more on a promotion and end up with less opportunities… not the desired result!

Another negative to suspending LeadFlow for an EventFlow program is the abandonment of the system which has been getting smarter over time in favor of a marketing campaign with no recent “look-a-like” technology intelligence. It, the new campaign, must build as much digital intelligence as possible (all within a given time frame) and about the time it has amassed enough data to dial in on some great new prospects… the hour glass runs out.

LeadFlow, on the other hand has been continuing to refine itself and already has a lot of market knowledge the new campaign will never have enough time to gather. There are a few exceptions to this new rule, they occur when the dealer has a partnership with a venue or organization such as a school, charity or arts organization which provides a whole new digital pond to fish in by accessing users who have an online history of caring about said venue or organization.

The solution? Retool LeadFlow to promote the current promotion in addition to the inventory list incentive. Adjust as needed to include inventory that needs to be featured in the new promotion and add the benefits of the timed promotion to the landing page. Now it is a meager revision fee instead of a full setup and you have the option to boost the ad dollars or leave them the same. The real benefit is that you don’t temporarily dismantle a program humming along for a theme which may or may not yield as many leads PLUS you have a great chance with the added promo incentive of boosting the leads because you can add the timer which creates some additional urgency.

In summary, we believe it would most often benefit our clients to revise LeadFlow to accommodate the time dated promotion instead of suspending it. This new hybrid strategy will help from both a cost and performance standpoint. The creation of this new strategy is another example of how we monitor and adjust our services to our client’s benefit as we learn from the consortium called PI (Prospects Int’l) nation.

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