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Prospects International Exclusivity Announcement

Effective immediately Prospects International will operate exclusively for one piano dealer per market globally.

It was our intention when we formed the company to aid the growth of the industry “as a whole” and offer effective lead generation targeted specifically to meet the goals of each individual, qualified client. We believed that since the targeting and look of the promotions would vary and that brand perceptions and loyalties were ensconced that we would be able to serve two dealers in the same market area to the benefit of all.

Out initial ideology was that if we helped grow the whole market place pie everybody’s piece of the pie would get bigger. We also, believing that competition is healthy for the industry, regarded cross over shopping and stirring up piano interest in general as a good thing. In our analysis driven estimation the serious crossover shopping amounts to approximately 15-20% yet the casual research and cruising around on the Internet creates a perception that it is more than that which has become the industries psychological reality. Much like socialism we may have entertained a noble stance with our co-existent attitude but also like socialism our “serving the greater good” philosophy doesn’t work.

We intended at the onset to be like Constant Contact or more traditional media options (TV, radio, newspaper,
billboards) and serve all willing and qualified clients. Recent developments have shown us that this is not an option in our industry. We are disappointed to report that co-existence is NOT a normal mindset in our industry and that the competitive nature of the dealers and sales professionals at large will not allow us this option. We’ve been asked to make allegiances or cut ties in a couple recent incidences thus the new policy.

From a personal standpoint l am comfortable with this new direction. I had a feeling we were being too idealistic but was hopeful that in this new day and age some of those old hostilities had waned. I was hopeful but it was not to be. So the partners needed to revise the policy to be pragmatic.

I’m okay with it now that it is inevitable. It eliminates some uncomfortable conversations and allows me a powerful position in my sales pitch. We believe we indeed are a competitive edge therefore exclusivity brings even more value to the lead generation services we provide.

So in summary, we have ditched our “let’s bring great lead generation to the piano industry” mission and are now on a mission to “find the best person in each individual market” to work with. We are experiencing great success in markets of all sizes so if you have been considering our services this would be a great time to procure our loyalty. If you are interested in the very most effective lead generation in the industry now would be a great time to allow us to show you our capabilities so you can have the opportunity to make the first decision before your competitor got their hands on the edge. If you already are a LeadFlow client you are “allie allie in free” so let’s keep pushing one another to be the best digital partners we can be. Looks like this isn’t something we are going to be able to share. In fact we may as well push for Internet market place dominance per client per market since co-existence isn’t a part of our culture.

We are now officially exclusive with our LeadFlow services per client per market. If a client performs EventFlow regularly (quarterly or so) we will not assist in another dealer’s event marketing support.

There is no question that as science, knowledge and technology advance, that we will attempt to do more significant things. And there is no question that we will have to temper those things with ethics – Ben Carson

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