ConcertFlow – A Phenomenal New Cultivating Tool

“You guys crushed it! Not only was our event sold out, but we sold an NU1 and acquired 3 new Disklavier Leads.”
Joseph Fox
Fox Music House, Inc – Charleston, SC

This past Saturday I received a call from a client who asked us to stop a ticket promotion for a concert in the store because the response was overwhelming and they wouldn’t be able to accommodate all the RSVP’s.

“You made a believer out of me!”, said the store manager. The client we were serving had tried to fill the store for a performance by a very special pianist from Austria themselves by calling, e-mailing and making social media posts all for naught. In a bit of a panic, a week before the concert, partially because the manufacturer who arranged to make the special performer available was going to be in attendance, we got the call. We moved faster than is reasonable to answer the call and put together a campaign which not only served the need but made them call and yell “UNCLE, STOP THE FLOW!”

You may think I am taking this opportunity to toot our own horn but actually our focus is on LeadFlow NOT ConcertFlow and this is actually a public service notice to our clients and would be clients. Since premium pianos require a dealer to cultivate aggressively this is some of the best news in years in the piano industry where cultivating is concerned. As opposed to a selling event EventFlow, ConcertFlow can effectively be used to fill a room with “top of the market” piano music lovers.

The integration between our information acquisition and “look-a-like” technology has found a way to get intimate crowds of 50-150 high end folks into the showroom, or the venue of a dealer’s choice, so they can be impressed and befriended. This is the most fundamentally sound and basic need in the arena of premium piano sales which are most often relationship sales as opposed to compulsive purchases.

The next time you have an important workshop, concert, or any other in store cultivating event that you want a specific segment to attend, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’ve proven to be exceptional at soliciting targeted RSVP’s. If you are a client we will serve you, if you are in a market where we have no exclusivity conflicts, we will be honored to prove ourselves.

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