Moving Forward with Music Campaign

Dear Prospects International Clients,

One of the advantages of being part of the PI family is the sharing of profitable ideas that you can use to increase your sales.

We are suggesting that our clients consider a “Moving Forward with Music” digital EventFlow campaign.

It is already running successfully in a couple of markets, which is not a guarantee that it will work in yours, but a good indication that the risk is low because people are responding to the message that NOW more than ever the benefits of music are important to a society that thinks more about health, safety and staying home more.

We are only making this EventFlow theme available to existing clients and discounting the setup and service fees both by $400, an $800 savings because you are an existing LeadFlow participant.

Here is a link to a sample landing page: Moving Forward Campaign…

There is a shelf life to this theme so we believe that those who want to participate should move pretty quickly because the further into reopening we get the less potent this message becomes.

For a formal budget recommendation and timeline please contact us at 888-600-3147, or email or 
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