New Neighbors Program Scores Big Hit in Nashville

In the fourth month of mailing new homeowners, with an appropriate home value in their market, we mailed a new homeowner for the Steinway Piano Gallery in Nashville who happened to be a medical professional in the middle of a million dollar remodel. After working with Robert Klingbeil* the prospect purchased the first ever Spirio R sold in the state of Tennessee. 

Interestingly, the buyer did not engage in the digital marketing and enter the sales funnel that way, he simply kept the postcard with the company’s phone number on it and called when the timing was right for him. He was mailed in mid-November and responded in January after the first of the year. We have always known that positive first impressions to new movers purchasing larger properties was a good strategy because in the “good ole’ days of robust weekend events” many, many buyers cited the fact that they had recently moved as a reason for buying.   

As we predicted when the New Neighbors campaign was launched, a gestation period for this segment would be a reality** as new homeowners purchase after they’ve been in their new home a little while so “lead nurturing” with this segment is a must.  The aforementioned Mr Klingbeil does nurturing well. One time when I visited the gallery he shared with me that he sold a PianoPair lead a sizable grand piano after several months (and over twenty back and forth exchanges) a couple years back. Here is a link to a webinar we performed a few years back on the subject: Lead Nurturing.

As 2020 unfolds we will look for more high end activity to occur since the household values are so significant and at top of the market. Dear New Neighbors clients, please let us know if you have a success story to add!

*We are happy to report this with permission from the client.
** The average new homeowners purchases 18 months after they move in.


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