Past LeadFlow Clients Migrating Back into the Fold at an Impressive Rate!

The first time around using LeadFlow we were unprepared and frankly a bit overwhelmed. This second time around is so different. We are so excited. Our sales staff is doing a great job of following up and turning the leads into sales. Everyone, even people who can’t use you because of exclusivity, were
saying good things about you at NAMM.

Thomas Solich – Solich Piano Gallery – Columbus Ohio

When we began servicing the piano industry in 2013 as independent marketing firms working in tandem, we knew we were on to something. In 2015 when we formed the LLC, we committed ourselves to bringing cutting edge digital marketing strategies to the piano business. We learned in real time, in the trenches, by receiving feedback from our clients as we served them. They helped us morph from a company built primarily to support weekend sales and special events, into the largest, most prolific “day to day” piano industry lead generation source on the globe. Over the past three years we’ve served up over 100,000 internet piano interest leads in over fifty markets.

In the beginning we focused mostly on the volume of leads as well as providing as much opportunity as possible. As time went on, we developed more digital lead harvesting methods that covered a variety of niches and created more well-rounded, diversified digital marketing portfolios for our clients. An interesting development occurred as a result of our innovation fueled agency. Clients who left the LeadFlow program, began a steady migration back and re-entered our business life.

We tried some other forms of advertisement and we’re ready to come back! We’re working with a prospect who came in as a lead in March and this is November. She is just now actively in the process of selecting a premium piano.

Philip B. Soley – Co-Founder – PianoWorks Studio Midland TX

Why? One reason is that we are always passionately improving our service to our clients. We have created the PianoLeads 2.0 CRM which revolutionizes follow up capability.

Another reason is that we have created new high end lead gen methods, still another, the growing company wide AI has taken internet targeting to a place never before possible and maybe the largest and most compelling reason – we care about our clients and know that our survival is reliant upon their success. We have formed some unbelievably strong relationships.

In 2019 many clients who had paused their campaigns came back. Not only because they saw us continuing to innovate but also because they realized after having the leads we can provide, their future is much better off “with them than without them”.

We came back to the LeadFlow program because we know that Joey and Jack are always improving and innovating and because of the sales support they provide. We believe it is the way forward.

Joseph Fox -Owner – Fox Music House  – Charleston, SC

If you’ve never worked with us, you should check into the possibility. If you did and quit, you should check us out now. The positive growth of Prospects International and retrieval of much of our market share is not an accident. We truly can help you “Build Tomorrow’s Business Today!

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