Piano Sales Thrive During Challenging Times

Our LeadFlow program became an even more important source of revenue during the lockdown. It was a lifeline of opportunities we were extremely grateful to have.

Alex Pauwels
Sales Manager
Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, TX

During this challenging retail time we have found LeadFlow to be not only consistent but even a bit stronger as people work and play more at home. We truly value the leads and the sales opportunities they provide. Keep them coming guys!

Mitch Paola
Portland and Eugene Piano Co.

Because we pivoted and went virtual with our LeadFlow leads we had a great month in the middle of a national crisis. On one level we felt a little guilty because our hearts went out to all the businesses that were adversely affected. Digital marketing activities were our financial salvation.

Tony Thomas
Regional Manager
Steinway Piano Gallery Nashville
Alabama Piano Gallery Birmingham

LeadFlow has become an important part of our daily business. When customers were told to stay home it became a priority. We felt fortunate to have the sales from these online leads, especially during the “Safer at Home” time frame.

Michael Hannah
Maus Piano & Organ Co, Raleigh, NC

The LeadFlow program was instrumental in us having a good month during this challenging time. We sold many pianos virtually…
Thanks Jack & Joey for a solid product.

Hale Ryan
Director of Marketing and Sales
Metroplex Piano Warehouse, Plano, TX

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