Prospects International Achievement Announcement

We now serve “day to day” lead generation clients in more than 50 markets. We serve them with over 75 programs which feed leads to over 150 sale associates. We have accomplished this by generating over 60,000 leads since we began keeping track in July of 2015. We have been successful in not only the US but Germany, Australia, France and the UK. Our consortium of clients is our innovation fuel.

A conservative 5% conversion of those 60,000 leads = 3,000 pianos. 3,000 pianos at a conservative $7,000 per unit (our Pianopair lead generator doubles figure and many handmade pianos, Spirios and Disklaviers have contributed to this performance) equals at least 21 million retail dollars in a little over 3 years. This does not include all the many churches and schools (the institutional deals we have been a catalyst for) that never get mentioned but trust me the institutions are all online too. We’ve even been responsible for helping sell pianos on cruise ships too!

Alas the key phrase in that last sentence of that last segment was “helping sell”… We have “helped sell” is accurate because since we left the showroom floor in 2013 we haven’t sold a single piano ourselves. We serve opportunities up to our client’s sales staff and they do the actual selling. We know that computer applications don’t sell fine pianos, people do.  So, we have an “Attitude of Gratitude” towards the hard-working sale associates in the trenches who help us continue to grow our business.

Allow me to state that in addition to our ongoing “day to day” LeadFlow ongoing program, we have supported weekend sale events with our EventFlow program services all over the world. The customer base of piano dealer principals we serve exclusively is an impressive number. If you would be curious as to whether we have a current exclusive obligation to anyone in your market, please contact us. We are looking for digital partners who want to dominate the Internet piano interest in their respective markets.   

Finally, whether you are a Prospects International client or not we thank you for placing music in as many lives as you possibly can. It is our belief that this activity is helping the world become a happier and healthier place. Life WITH music in it is just plain better so please keep doing what you’re doing. People like you are why we exist.  

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