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November 26, 2018
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Prospects International Welcomes Client Liaison Jon Cabral

We are proud to announce the addition of Jon to our team.
Jon’s unique blend of technical experience and sales skills make him a valuable resource to Prospects Int.

As Client Liaison, Jon will help us better service our growing client base.

Jon possesses graphic and multiple application talents along with a solid marketing and sales background. Jon will help us move forward with our mission of providing lead generation services to the piano industry. 

Many of you have already been contacted by Jon who is dedicated to responding and serving our clients in the shortest possible time windows. If you are a client you’ll hear from in the days and weeks to come, as he introduces himself and schedules annual client reviews.

Jon is an outward and active sign of our mission to build the best lead generation team ever assembled. We aim to serve those who place music into people’s lives. We are proud to support this most noble cause and assist in making it as profitable as possible for our clients. Onward! 

Jack Klinefelter

Jack is a thirty year marketing and sales veteran with an insatiable appetite for contributing to the sales success of others. After leaving Cox communications in the late eighties Jack has serviced clients such as: Goodyear, Allstate, Verizon Wireless, Steinway & Sons, and numerous independent businesses. His knack for creating targeted strategies has endeared him to clients who he has been privileged to service in many instances for over two decades. Jack is dedicated to offering his experience to help business persons navigate the ever-changing market place and deliver programs which aid their opportunities to grow. "If you're standing still, you're backing up!" he states. Digital marketing is the most exciting new method for businesses to use and engage their potential buyers through. Jack is proud to assist in bringing to market cost effective programs that independents can use to reach their best prospects.

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