Things Critical to Reopening your Gallery

As the country moves closer toward inviting guests back into businesses here are some important items to consider that may help you get back to the desired profit level more rapidly:

  • Call every prospect you have and let them know that your company is taking every precaution to make your gallery the most safe and enjoyable place to play and get piano information.
  • Back it up with an email blast.
  • Make sure that those who express health safety concerns are assured that they can schedule a “one on one” private, sanitized appointment.
  • 100% no risk involved virtual demonstration and selections.
  • Include the words,” Virtual Appointments Happily Scheduled”… or the equivalent thereof, on your correspondences.
  • Script a story for yourself and your sales staff to share with every visitor and prospect that mentions how much more extremely important playing music has become to thousands of people and that it has been a silver lining to the pandemic in that it inspired many people to include more music in their lives.
  • Focus on selling the well-known health benefits of music: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational.          
  • Arrange to do some virtual cultivating events. Some things that you used to do in the store or recital hall that you want to share with your Facebook followers during a “live streaming.” This is also a time and a way to promote the safety of live visits

These are just a few of the things that you can do to connect in our increasingly more virtual world. Some galleries and teachers have been forced to jump in and make virtuality a lifeline during the pandemic and the long term benefit is that as we get back to whatever the “new normal” will be these heightened skills will come in handy as some buyers will prefer them. It is also a way to serve prospects with more than one home and institutional business as well.

We didn’t intend to get so good so fast at videos and face timing etc. but sometimes being pushed into an adaptation is a strong reminder of this immutable fact: The only constant in life is change” – Heraclitus


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