Research reveals the make up of Prospects International’s Leads

We wanted to share some enlightening information regarding the leads being harvested by our LeadFlow program. LeadFlow is a part of our expanding PianoLeads platform.

Since we have the largest sampling of leads generated in the industry (with lead generation ongoing in over 50 markets) we have a great way to analyze the make up of those leads. Many times reality doesn’t line up with our perceptions as depicted in the findings displayed in the following pie chart visual:

The more we learn about the marketplace the better we learn how to communicate with it. We are excited that the overall proliferation of online marketing in the industry has exposed a very healthy amount of online interest and curiosity about pianos in cyberspace. This bodes well for our future and the future of all those helping the consumer find the right piano for them. Our challenge now is to learn more effective methods of engaging and turning piano interest into excitement, therefore increased purchases. We believe we are on the road to mastering this essential idea at the highest possible level. We hope you appreciate our contributions to the industry, as we certainly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.   

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