The Retail World as Definitely Changed its Playing Field

If anyone out there can view these pictures of a once busy mall on a Friday night
in 2019 and still think that they don’t need to excel at chasing down on-line digital
leads, please e-mail me your address. I’m sending the guys in the white suites
post haste.

My wife was getting her hair done recently in a salon owned and operated by a
large retail operation named Dillard’s in a prominent mall in a Nashville suburb.
I was on my way to Guitar Center to hang out in the acoustic guitar room when I
realized I was in ghost town. I would say that the Amazoning of the world has
taken place, eh? So, what do you now make of the old” location, location,
location” theory? and tell me again why you don’t need a strong online sales

Jack Klinefelter
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