The PI Lead Funnel

Goals are “fugazi’s” unless you have a specific plan to achieve them. We all want to sell more product, that’s a given. The “wants” are never the problem, it’s the “how’s” that take the most planning, focus, and execution.

When it comes to sales and digital marketing, the “Lead Funnel” is an element that can mean the difference between success and failure in your journey to the closing process. I can not stress enough how important it is for a small business to identify, illustrate, and work a lead funnel.

The sales and lead generation process is usually defined and described as a funnel. Like a real funnel, the process involve sifting through a large amount of names and prospects in the beginning, identify which of these names are viable as sales leads, then turning these leads into customers at the end of the funnel.

The PI Lead Funnel developed for our clients is illustrated below…

Prospects International’s goal is to “Attract” and “Capture”. We do this on a daily basis with our LeadFlow program, or on a per event basis with our EventFlow program. The last 2 elements of the funnel “Interact” and “Convert” are what we will focus on for the remainder of this article.

Receiving sales leads on a daily or on an event basis is only the beginning. If you do not have a detailed and organized plan to qualify and walk the leads that we generate for you to the conversion stage, your investment in our lead generation services is not yielding you the best potential return.

This critical stage of the process allows the sales person to establish credibility and qualify leads. It is in this stage that a lead is either turned into a prospect, or disqualified and moved into the casual interest bucket. Below are some key strategies you can use to interact with leads…

  • Phone – Pick up the phone and dial, but do so with a plan in place. Create a script that handles rebuddles and instances. For example, you are very likely to reach a voice mail when following up with leads. Reaching a voicemail is a good thing!
  • Convert – Only prospects are allowed in this stage. Usually a prospect in this stage has had dialogue with a sales person and is ready to schedule an appointment and ultimately close.
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