The Shrinking Industry Adjective Debunked!

We have the most exciting news of the last two decades for piano dealers! There is no reason for the word “shrinking” to be used in conjunction with the piano business and if those building and selling the instruments use it, it means that they are not aware of the overwhelmingly impressive volume of piano interest on the Internet! At Prospects International we have been awarded the privilege of providing leads to over 150 sales associates nationally. I don’t bring this up to brag (although we are proud to assist so many hard working sales folk) I bring it up as proof positive that there is much, much more piano interest online than people, other than our clients who experience it everyday, would believe.

Please use this link to get a feel for the exciting reality and opportunity at hand: This is a sampling of just the last 100 leads. 

The demand for pianos and the opportunity to educate and sell the public the benefits of playing are obviously alive and well, it’s just that with the Amazoning of the world, to capitalize on it we need to leave the old playing field and suite up for the new one. Another analogy we use a lot is that the “tools in the tool box” have changed in this digital age. It makes no sense to worry so much about SEO when lead generation can provide what sales pros really need – someone to talk to. The large difference is that the majority of relationships available to begin a sales opportunity are now online.   

If you would like to replace the missing floor traffic revenue with digital prospects please contact us. If we aren’t working an exclusive LeadFlow relationship in your area  would be glad to do some discovery and see if your company is a good candidate to take advantage of the staggering amount of online piano interest in your market. You can access complimentary research using this link:

Over the years, in the world of marketing and social studies, we have been blessed with many wise and visionary writers. Twenty two years ago Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?”… subtitle: “An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Workplace and in your Life.” I’ll end by stealing a line from that book which rings true today –

But the fact is, like it or otherwise, that the world is constantly changing. And while not all change is good or necessary it always creates new opportunities, whether we recognize them immediately or not.     

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