The Wizard Conducts Workarounds!

The marketplace has an ever-changing landscape, therefore, marketing firms such as ours must always be ready to either circumvent or react to things thrown at us as we represent our clients and their investments in digital marketing. 

Our CTO Joey Bouza, has been instrumental (pardon the pun) in creating our LeadFlow sales funnel which has literally changed the way our clients find a HUGE portion of their new business. LeadFlow is undergoing some behind-the-scenes reconfiguration because of Apple’s recent iOS privacy updates. These updates permit iOS users to decide how they want their personal data handled. iOS users must now give explicit permission for apps to track their behavior and sell their personal data, such as age, location, spending habits and health information, to advertisers. While many apps have allowed people to manage or opt-out of this for years, it’s typically buried deep in user settings and wordy privacy policies.

Joey is adjusting our digital advertising strategies in order to allow us to continue using social media and it’s look-alike technology at maximum potential… no details will be shared. Our secret recipes will remain proprietary.

NOTICE: For those of you who employ Prospects International as a lead generation source, you need to know that many of your systems have already been reconfigured and are back up to their past flow volume. For those still in the process of being converted, your ad dollars are banked and will be held until your specific account has been reconfigured. At that time these held ad dollars will be released and your leads will resume as strong as ever without your ad dollars being tossed into a black hole.  

The long term, exciting development that this new privacy policy creates is a filter which allows us, in the digital realm, to do what we’ve done in the direct mail and telemarketing arenas for so many years. Years back when they created the “do not mail” and “do not call” laws, marketing people and businesses were nervous for no reason. The laws created a natural filter and advertisers ended up putting their message in front of people who were more receptive. The opt out has given users the choice to disqualify themselves from being tracked which will cut down on the number of targeted ads they receive. It actually works against them because they are unknowingly signing up for more random and less targeted opportunities in line with their interests. The long term advantage to advertisers with savvy resources (such as our wizard) is a more refined audience of people who want to be shown things in step with their proclivities.

With the large ad agencies scrambling and the do-it-yourselfers with a large task in front of them they may not be up to, it may be time to consider putting us to work. The Wizard is in his laboratory working his magic and protecting Prospect International’s LeadFlow clients. You should consider this type of conviction, knowledge and client commitment! 

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