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Lauren Maynes Runs Point for Client Servicing at Prospects International

Prospects International is proud to announce the addition of a marketing seasoned CSR (customer service representative) to assist in the day to day servicing of LeadFlow clients.

Lauren Maynes (pronounced “minus” like the math term) was raised in a marketing family so she heard about market share, seeding, branding and harvesting at the dinner table while growing up. The past few years she has been in charge of all production at Direct Success Enterprises, the family direct mail company. She will still keep an eye on those functions from above, but was recruited, and thankfully accepted, to help serve the growing consortium of LeadFlow clients.

Lauren’s duties will be to keep the response time of the rapidly growing lead generation firm to an acceptable time frame. “We will endeavor to keep the normal questions about how the CRM works and changes in campaigns etc. inside a 48 hour response window and the urgent things same day. As owners, Jack and Joey have developed such full calendars that they needed a person to direct traffic and get answers and that’s where I come in. My job is to take care of the immediate day to day needs, monitor the more technical ones and send the appropriate person to the assistance of the customer ASAP. Moving forward clients need to know that if they reach out to me I will be able to attend to their needs faster and more efficiently than if they end up in the growing stack of voice mails, texts and emails the guys accumulate.”

The partners, Jack Klinefelter and Joey Bouza will NOT be deeply insulated and are still available to serve the customer base. Lauren is simply a great addition with fantastic administrative talents who will keep the communications flow as organized as it needs to be to keep their intense commitment to customer servicing intact. “Taking care of our existing clients will always be the priority around here. Early in my career, I was in a corporate environment where numbers, instead of people, were the priority. We are not and will never be that. Lauren will allow us to keep people first as we continue to grow,” states CEO Jack Klinefelter.

“There are times when I have to pay 100% and undivided attention to my programming duties to solve a problem or deliver an innovation on time as promised. Lauren is a very welcome source of relief!”, exclaims CTO Joey Bouza.

In a world where uncertainty and survival have taken the forefront, Prospects International feels blessed to announce many consecutive months of growth during a difficult time and the need to add communications support. Having an efficient and profitable lead generation has become more important than ever in this “new normal.” We are grateful to have the privilege of providing such a valuable service to our client base.

Lauren’s contact information is: lauren@prospectsint.com or call or text – 800-600-3147 Ext 702

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