What Should Your Digital Leads Cost?

It is with great pride that we address this question. Let’s start with a baseline. Here are are the national averages for the cost of leads, (CPL): 

Average Cost per Lead by Industry.

Industry Cost per Lead on Average*
Consumer Products $ 105
Media & Publishing $ 108
Non-Profits $ 31
Business Services $ 132

The sales advantages of employing Prospects International as your digital lead generation source are many, but the bottommost of all bottom line reasons is immutable and unarguable. We have achieved and maintain the lowest possible CPL in the industry at $27.45 per. In 2015, we averaged in the mid-$30 range. Over time, the AI (artificial intelligence) has allowed us to drive the cost down and the quality up. We currently serve up leads to over 200 sales associates on a daily basis who serve over sixty markets. As a result of this level of activity, the ever growing AI will allow us to continue to increase the lead quality and drive down the CPL better and faster than any “do-it-yourselfer”, manufacturer or outside-of-the-industry resource would be able to.   

When you consider growing your lead generation commitment and revenue please consider us. If you reside in a market where we don’t already have an exclusive client, we can be a huge competitive edge.

For complementary research about the online interest in what you sell, in your market area, please complete this form:

*Average CPL sources include: hootsuite, hochman consultants, bizible, red bamboo marketing, wordstream

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