Why is EventFlow so Popular an Event Campaign?

I will answer that question in some detail yet let me first say I am going to depart from the service oriented, thought leader articles I usually provide and take the opportunity to promote our flag ship program, EventFlow. The retention rate of our EventFlow program is unparalleled.

Why is EventFlow a constant sales event appointment tool with our clients?

The short answer is because it works. The long answer is because when you uncover online piano interest and provide a legitimate opportunity (with urgency) a portion of the piano interest which is legitimately in the market presently will be willing to buy now.

Our EventFlow clients come back to the program time and again because it increases their gross with Internet appointments they most often would not have benefited from.

Here are some hard statistical averages which explain the popularity of the campaign. The average EventFlow campaign provides the client 75 leads, 20 appointment requests, 10 appointments and 5 sales. These numbers skew a bit depending on the market size but the ROI is proportionately consistent per theme. It is not unusual for an event to yield over one hundred digital responses.

One statistic we haven’t had time to chase down is how many EventFlow leads become eventual sales long after the event has passed. We know it happens over time but haven’t had time to quantify it. This falls into the category of a good problem!

EventFlow was actually the first product we brought to market at Prospects International with LeadFlow being created by demand because our clients still wanted to receive leads even though their event was over.

Sometimes the monthly commitment in today’s new economy and marketing landscape is a bit daunting… trying new things can be. A great solution is to try EventFlow. Once you experience that tsunami of opportunity EventFlow provides, it sheds new light on the liability of making a monthly commitment to lead generation. Feeling out the piano interest in your market and seeing the ensuing sales puts day to day lead generation value into better focus. Regardless of whether you ever decide to employ our services with a continuity program we still would like to provide your next event the extra visitors TV, Radio and Newspaper no longer are capable of providing. EventFlow is a powerful digital harvesting tool which can make your next event more successful.

I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled non-promotional, informational, e-mail blogs next time around but with many of you scheduling sales events this summer and fall I thought this should be a strong consideration and a good time to bring this to your attention . It is an experience our EventFlow clients choose to have over and again.

Please call me at 888-474-6101 or e-mail me at: jack@prospectsint.com to find out how EventFlow can work for your next special event.

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