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We generate sales opportunities for Piano Galleries and provide them with automated technologies that help them sell more pianos.

Because we harness and deliver qualified digital sales leads, our clients are able to provide more opportunities for their salespeople and therefore grow their businesses. The founders of PI (Prospects Int'l) are committed to developing, providing and innovating pragmatic digital lead generation solutions aimed at helping our clients sell more products and services. Abiding by the mantra "If you're standing still, you're backing up", we are continually evolving into a resource which provides the most cutting edge lead generation solutions in the most cost effective way.


"You guys crushed it! Not only was our event sold out, but we sold an NU1 and acquired 3 new Disklavier Leads."

Joseph Fox
Fox Music House, Inc – Charleston, SC

We recently had a buyer for a local entity order two additional new grand pianos to add to the three he had originally purchased.
He appeared as a client in our sales funnel not long after we began our relationship with the LeadFlow program in 2016.
There is obviously institutional business to be harvested from the program in addition to the residential business we write.

Steve Kinchen – Manager, Hall Piano Company – New Orleans, LA

A very gratifying note from a client who has been on the LeadFlow program for several years...

"Happy 2020 – can you believe it? Thanks for everything you and Joey did for us in 2019 – we had another great, great year!"

Mitch Paola – Owner, Portland Piano Company – Portland, OR

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