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The Shirks Piano family is an exemplary example of a small market company with a servant’s heart. In our quest to book interviews which compliment many of the articles we have posted as sales support on our web site (under “Resources”) Shirks came to mind relative to the “Attitude is Everything” article. In that article I mention a coach I had as a youngster who had an eternally optimistic attitude and a profound influence on me as I got my bearings on how to become a productive, contributing individual. It occurs to me that this is a part of the midwestern work ethic and culture I am grateful to have been brought up in.

Mike was mentored by his father before taking over the family business who obviously did an excellent job. He and his staff have continued the tradition established by the family run business since its beginning in 1956. Mike explains in detail in the long interview, and succinctly in the short one (deployed to all in our e-mail catalog) how he and his staff have achieved conversion rates to be envied. It becomes clear that much of their success was earned by applying their good will, not only in their long-established market, but a new market with a recently opened location as well. In an industry where many dealers are searching for ways to survive and be profitable it is apparent in this interview why we chose Shirks as our second case study. There will be other great client interviews to follow, with much to offer, but this one addresses the very core of success… a winning attitude.

Thanks to Mike and the Shirks Piano family for being a splendid example of how to maximize the LeadFlow opportunities we provide. Watch the full version here…

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