PI Achieves the Lowest CPL in the Piano Industry!

It’s official, the “cost per lead” average for a Prospects International lead is now the lowest in the industry at an average of $23! By constantly monitoring then adjusting program ad content and imaging, targeting, plus landing page optimization we have dipped far below our first-year mark in 2015 of $30.97 to the current average figure of $23. An improvement of almost $8 per lead, a 26% improvement.

More good news? This CPL includes our service fees. We challenge anyone to document a lower CPL while delivering an ever-improving quality of prospect flow. Our secret weapons? Well not so secret after all, when you add a passion to serve and a consortium of clients always pushing us to find new and better ways to serve them you reach the top of the hill! Our clients are the innovation fuel.

Can the cost of leads continue to lower while the quality increases? You will only know if you abandon your current path of lead generation and put us to work for you… or wait until the next announcement comes out, but then, how many leads will you miss between now and then?

Contact us to see if we are exclusively available in your market(s) if you would like to dominate the lead mining in your trade area.

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