The Jury is IN!

PianoPair provides new piano interest and higher average ticket sales.

After reviewing actual sales records from the past two years, and cross referencing them with sales associates’ experiences, we can accurately state that PianoPair™ provides not only new piano interest but a “twice as high” average ticket sale!

A couple years ago my partner Joey, who belongs to every forward-thinking techie blog known to techie-dom, came up with an application named “PianoPair” in order to help us generate “new piano interest” leads. Next we launched it out into the industry to see if it was a worthy lead gen method. It certainly has proven itself to be a wonderful tool! Worthy of mention and recommendation!

Joey and I surveyed some of the best piano minds in the industry in order to put together the PianoPair™ application. His dynamic coding uses some “hard matches” to present users with some great instruments to consider and in turn providing the next sales associate in que with valuable piano interest user data. Remember the old saying I offer up frequently,“The company with the most friends wins!”? That fact is one of the reasons we wanted to provide our clients with a friendly and fun way of discovering good choices to consider. Consumers love choices. Knowing what a prospect is most interested in and what is on their mind is very valuable to a sales associate in prospecting mode.

Is there a downside to PianoPair™? Not one that we have found. As with all apps it’s needed some refining, but it works great! It is not capable of discovering the volume of leads the “used method” does because the majority of consumers use the “used” word to insulate themselves from the dreaded sales person. Yet for those users who are willing to raise their hand in cyberspace as a person interested in knowing about new piano products, PianoPair™ is very accommodating.

Up until this point, PianoPair™ has done a fantastic job as a widget placed on website home pages, but is severely under-funded as a tool to bring in leads through outbound ad spending. Since it is now a couple of years old and has done such an excellent job of delivering a higher end buyer, we wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that it is available as a destination application that will drive online “new piano interest” to the sales professionals we serve. The funding needed is less because the pool of folks willing to admit they would consider buying new is less. It takes less dollars to play to that smaller high-end pool but it sure has proven to be worth it!

The nature of the PianoPair leads are: there are less of them (80/20 rule invoked), they have a longer gestation period before making a purchase, BUT the average ticket is double that of a used method lead. The exact numbers change from market to market and depending on the inventory a dealer is selling, but if the average “used” lead comes in at a $7,000 gross (an actual typical figure), the PianoPair™ lead which purchases comes in at about $14,000… and YES Spirios, Disklaviers and handmade pianos are sold out of this pool of leads regularly.

Well PI nation and fellow piano industry colleagues, that is the documented word after a couple of years on the streets – the jury is in! PianoPair™ is a lead generation winner and an underfunded, unintentionally well-kept, marketing secret. If you are a current, exclusive Prospects International nation member, please examine where you are and where you could be with PianoPair™. Many of you have it as a homepage widget only and are missing the benefits it can yield if funded as an outbound accommodator and generator. If you aren’t a client, please feel free to check with us to see if we are available to serve you exclusively in your market(s).

The jury is in! Joey’s inspirational application has been convicted as being guilty of success! Proof positive once more that that if we assume the posture of a concierge and the most trusted advisor in our market to match people with the right piano, we can serve them and be profitable simultaneously. If you adopt the PianoPair™ applications methodology into “live” sales efforts and simply try to match folks with the perfect piano for them you will reel in fish of all sizes. Even if you have to throw some back in, they may come around later all grown up because of your kindness and integrity. PianoPair™ was created to help prospects find the instruments they should be considering, but it is only a starting point. Most all prospects end up needing a dependable “live” tour guide.

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