The Most Powerful CRM in the Piano Industry Launches!

Prospects International is happy to announce that after over a year of development and planning, PianoLeads 2.0 is now in use and aiding the followup success of our clients!

Based upon a color coding system, similar to that of the first version, the new application allows the user much more freedom and intelligence than the basic first version offered. Client leads still auto-populate into the CRM and are provided via email for instant recognition yet, the most impressive features of the new version are in the controls and information available when new leads come in. Some great “built in” features are the inventory list controls and the lead enrichment feature, which instantly provides whatever social media information is available on any given lead.

Another great feature of the new version is the control the user has in drafting and scheduling automated followup emails and texts. Done tastefully, this is a fantastic tool that allows sales associates and dealer principals the security of knowing that no prospect goes unworked, even if they get busy or side-tracked. It also sports a simple “on-off button” with which automation can be disabled after dialogue with prospect is achieved.

As the piano industry leader in online lead generation we are proud to offer this advantage to our clients knowing that being organized to a maximum degree and having the very best new technology available is critical to their profitability.

If you have any questions about our services please feel free to contact us. If we are not exclusively serving a client in your trade area we would be glad to visit with you about a digital marketing partnership.

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