Announcing… New Neighbors Customized Automations

Dear New Neighbors Clients,

We are proud to announce the availability of automated follow up texts and emails in the PianoLeads CRM for our New Neighbors participants. In a meeting with a Steinway client a few months back, the client and I both agreed that default automated follow ups that celebrated the new homeowners’ new homes would allow us a better chance to make more friends in this very important segment.  

An impressive amount of premium pianos have been purchased through the New Neighbors application since it was rolled back out in version 2.0 with the digital integration.

Illustrated here is how easy it is to enact the New homeowner scripted follow up automations:

Please reach out to us if you have any issues enacting these automations targeted at this valuable buying segment. We will continue to listen to our clients, who continue to be the very best fuel for our innovations, to refine LeadFlow, the undisputed marketing champion in the industry, into the best possible lead generation program the piano industry has ever seen.        

Jack Klinefelter
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