New Neighbors 2.0 Roars into the Marketplace!

  1. July of 2020 was the launch of New Neighbors 2.0 and it came out of the box even stronger than expected! New Neighbors 1.0 beta tested in 2019 and was discontinued Q1 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. We took that as an opportunity to retool it and inject a digital component. The new version has exceeded our predictions.

We’ve always known homeowners to be a fertile segment for piano buying which is why we started this program. 1.0 was a 100% direct mail outreach and delivered some impressive large ticket purchases to it’s participants, but although the quality was fantastic, the volume was lacking. Now that Google audiences and Facebook targeting of people exhibiting new mover activities has been added, it’s a totally different ball game. Hitting the laser focused “top of the market” new homeowners with mail, then reinforcing the mailing with digital impressions has been a winning strategy. Instead of 1-2 quality responses per month the response has more than quadrupled! The average New Neighbors client now is experiencing a response every other day… some markets more than that! 

The digital element not only creates synergy with the mailed households, it also casts a much broader net while still being contained to the top 25% of the income generating zip codes. Although the digital targeting is 80% accurate as opposed to 100% for the mail, it is bringing very welcome, new to the market, prospects into the sales funnel. The digital side benefits from the mail respondents who also come through the landing page and whose profiles make the “look-a-like” targeting more accurate.

Integrating mail and digital marketing became the norm for events in and around 2013 and has continued to be ever since. It has proven again to be a great one-two punch! The conversion rates that languished around 1-2% are now consistently above 5% with 40% of the markets at a phenomenal 10% or more.

Once more, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Prospects International clients who participated in the 1.0 beta test and those actively involved in 2.0. We are so proud that we stuck with the program and it has grown into a vital and active lead generation tool, one that does a great job of filling out a well-rounded digital marketing portfolio/strategy. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our customers who support and fund our innovative spirit… thankfully to everyone’s mutual benefit. If you are interested in seeing how the new homeowner activity is in your area please respond here…

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