Premium Piano List Method Scores!

After following up with clients who have instituted the Premium Piano List Method, we can absolutely confirm that is it a valuable, viable prospecting tool for the top of the market. The results are small in number, because the hunting ground at the top of the market is small, but the long-term results are BIG.

The overall net change for a LeadFlow campaign with a healthy premium list approach is this: the numbers of leads diminished by approximately 15% but the quality has increased by 20-25%. It seems that a sufficiently funded premium list method is a very good idea. This is a much smaller pool at the top of the market, so we don’t want to overstate the performance, but overtime a shift that causes a steady, small stream of higher end prospects is definitely “building tomorrow’s business today!”

If your premium list method is not performing highly enough, we urge you to consider placing more wood on the fire. More social media ad placement frequency = more leads. If you have not heard about or are not using this method, please contact us.

We are urging clients to continue funding the used list method to a proficient amount but be sure that through the premium list method, New Neighbors and *PianoPair you have enough fire power to go after leads which originate as new purchase leads. YES! Spirios, Disklaviers, Bosendorfers and Faziolis have been and are sold off of the used list method (and the “used” word will continue to be the most searched) but diverse types of prospects respond to different triggers. **Having the other three methods going finds leads whose origin is a potential “new piano purchase.” This is a thorough strategy.

Can we filter out all the wealthy people who act cheap when they appear as a premium list method respondent? Rhetorical I admit, yet if we continue to improve in every small way we can think of, we can continually do a better job at helping you navigate through cyberspace and discover more pockets of opportunity. We’re kind ‘a like Kirk and Spock in that way… adventuresome…Joey is Spock, you can finish that thought.

Have fun selling! If you need to go to work anyway, placing more music in peoples isn’t a bad way to go!*We have a small contingency of clients who would like the PianoPair to be not only a good lead generator and home page widget but a “highly accurate” matching tool so we have place that development task at the top of the list of projects for 2020.

*Look for a detailed article about the value of a diversified digital marketing portfolio soon.

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